PETE'S PREFERRED WINE TOURS - Fun Low Cost Wine Tours For Nice People On A Budget
Priced Like a Taxi,
But It's a Very Affordable Private Car Service, Riding at a Flat Three (3) Hour Rate of Only $199.00, (Per Vehicle, Not Per Person)
When Riding as Many as Four (4) only in a SEDAN for WINE TASTING.
  You Can Start Your Day Anywhere From Santa Barbara County, and if it Turns Out That Your Having Fun While Out on The Wine Trail, You Can Always Ad Extra Hours, @ $49.00 per hour, 
After Your Finished With Your Tour. Your $49.00 Booking Guarantee That Was Advanced To Guarantee Your Day is deducted, So Just Pay Your Driver 
Plus add $49.00 for any Extra Overtime Hours Used After Three (3) Hours, and
Also Please Consider a 20% Overall Gratuity For Services Rendered By 
Your Fun Affordable Wine Country Driver. 
Book $49.00 Here Using
When You Book, I'm alerted on my iPhone, and I'll reply to your Booking ASAP, Asking for All the Details of Your Day, In an Email Reply to Your Booking, Usually Responding From My iPhone
You Can Also Order 
Larger More Comfortable 
Black Car, Or G.M.C. 
SUV Service 
Or Even 
Luxury Limo Service.
Riding a Party of Six (6) or Eight (8) Riders, Riding For Three (3) Only Hours 
Priced @ $229.00 Per Vehicle, 
Pay Your Driver $170.00 BEFORE YOU START YOUR TOUR, After deducting your $59.00 PAYPAL, 
booking guarantee, and if you Want More Time While out On the Wine Trail, Then Add $59.00 For Extra Hours Used Past Three (3) Hours, Plus Ad a Considered 20% Overall Gratuity For Services Rendered, and Your Drivers Out of Pocket Gasoline Used To Conduct Your Tour! 
When You Book, My iPhone is Alerted and 
I'll respond to you via email to confirm and 
ask for the details of your pick up, asking for the time of your pick up, and address, as well as your Cell Phone Information.  
Also Large
Maxi-Van Service 
Riding Ten (10) Max, is $249.00 Per Vehicle for the First (1st) Three (3) Hours
Extra Hours are $69.00 Per Hour. 
Book $59.00 (Above) Using PAYPAL, 
and Pay Your Driver $190.00 BEFORE YOU START YOUR TOUR, and after 
Three (3) Hours, Add for Extra Hours Used 
@ $69.00 Per Hour, Hour to Hour. 
Please add a 20% Overall Gratuity for 
Services Rendered By Your Fun Affordable 
"Wine Country Driver."  
To Sum Up!
Private Car Service 
Riding Two (2) to Four (4) Max,  
$199.00 Per Vehicle for Three (3) Hours 
Extra Hours are $49.00 Per Hour
SUV Car & Limo Service 
Riding Eight (8) Max, is $229.00 Per Vehicle For Three (3) Hours 
Extra Hours are $59.00 Per Hour
Maxi-Van Service 
Riding Ten (10) is $249.00 Per Vehicle For Three (3) Hours
Extra Hours are $69.00 Per Hour. 
Also Round Trip Dinner Rides
Serving Metro Santa Barbara
Reservation Time Call Service Rides Are 
$40.00 R/T Per Couple Riding Two
In A Group Share Ride
Plus a 20% Gratuity 
Please Allow A One Day (24 Hour) 
Lead Time To Book and Place 
Your Reservation
Same Price per Couple Vehicle  
For Sedan, SUV, and MAXI-VAN Service, Riding from Six (6) Minimum
or up to Ten (10) riders, all at one time, 
for one only flat rate R/T Vehicle Price. 
+ 1(805)-404-5912
Book $40.00 
R/T Here Using 
Debit Credit Card Processing
I'll Get Back to You When You Do,  
In a Confirmation Reply 
Asking for the Details of Your Pick Up 
And the Time of Your Pick Up 

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