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Here's Super  Affordable 
Private Group   
Daily Wine Tour Packages.
We're Santa Barbara County's 
Oldest and Very Best 
Leisurely Budget Wine Tours.
 We Know Where All The 
Santa Barbara Wineries Are!
We're Winery Tour Guides Who Know The Area, Better Then Most, And We've Been Doing It Here, For One Flat Vehicle Rate 
Since 1993!
For All My Pricing Details 
Scroll Down Below, 
 Please Remember 
All My Taxi Tour Packages Are 
It's Always At Your 
Leisure, You Come and Go as You Like, Sharing the Cost With Your Friends.  
Why Not Book with Me Now Today? 
Just a nice old guy who's been doing Santa Barbara Wine Tours since 1993. Book With Me Today!
Please Review My  
Winter / Spring
Pricing Starting With 
Plan # One (1) Prices
For Advanced Bookings Only 
Riding From
Metro Santa Barbara,  
Or For Pick Up From 
The Santa Ynez Valley For  
Sedan, or Mini-Van Service For 
Six (6) Riders Maximum In A Mini-Van Taxi.
Book Today 
For a Four (4) Hour Minimum Tour  Booking Priced @ $196.00
Per Vehicle, (Not Per Person) With Extra Hours Past Four (4) Hours Always Available, Priced $49.00 
per hour, hour to hour, Pay your driver $147.00 
After deducting the $49.00  Booking
Guarantee deducted from the original $196.00 Four (4) hour minimum Booking, after your Tour. Please consider a 20% gratuity for services rendered and for Out of Pocket Gasoline Used To Conduct Your Tour By Your Fun Affordable 
"Wine Country Cabby!"
Or Tour Guide!" 
Book Your Tour Today, 
It'll be Fun And Very Affordable 
If You Do I Promise!
Advance booking Is Required, 
So Book Four (4) Hours Minimum Here Using 
  Please Submit 
To Guarantee Your Days Service, 
Riding @ Your Leisure, Privately, 
Riding Safely For as Long As You Like, 
Paying Your Diver The Balance of Your Day At The End of Your Day 
When You Book,  
PAYPAL Alerts My iPhone and I'll then respond to you confirming your day, asking for the details of your day, and I'll also ask for your Cell Phone # when I do. I'll then reply 
to you again defining your booking terms 
with a reply email when you do.
The Sooner You Do, The More Assured 
You'll Be of Available Service. 
Please Remember, 
All ride for the price of one (1) 
when riding with a 
"Wine Country Cabby,
Tour Guide!"
My prices are per Vehicle, and 
Are Not per Person 
Most Four (4) Hour Tours With Four (4) People 
Are $49.00 Per Person.
Without Wine tastings, Lunch & Dinner 
are  Ala Carte,  and at your choice and leisure, so take your time and enjoy your day! 
"We'll Be Here Waiting Just For You and You're Friends When Your Ready to Move 
On to Another Winery!"
This Tour Is Offered Everyday
And It's Also For Sedan, or Mini-Van Service,  Starting Anytime before 11:00 am and It's Priced @ a Little over $40.00 Each Rider, Riding Ala Carte When Riding 
Six (6) People Privately, When Riding For Four (4Fun Filled Hours. 
Dinner Rides Riding six / Santa Barbara
Finish Up Anytime You Like 
After Four (4) Hours, Adding $49.00 
For Each Extra Hour Used!  
Just So You Know, 
Most oThe Wineries & Tasting Rooms 
Stay Open Till 4:00, 5:00, & 6:00 pm. 
So Realistically You'll Want To Get Started Before 11:00 am, Getting in a Very Complete Leisurely Day before 6:00 pm, Breaking For a Nice Sit Down Lunch or Stopping to Pick Up Sandwiches & Goodies 
In Los Olivos, Solvang, or Lompoc. 
You Can Even Buy Extra Time To Stop For a 
Early Afternoon or Evening Dinner @ any Restaurant of Your Choice If You Like?   
Gather Some of Your Friends, 
and Let's Have A Money Saving Enjoyable  
Affordable Safe Wine Tour  
It Just Couldn't be Any Easier, Or More Fun! 
Now Plan # 
Two (2) Pricing 
For Sea Landing  
Cruise Ship Departures 
Departing From The 
Santa Barbara Sea Landing  
Or For
Hotel and Residential 
Individual Pick Ups And R/T Returns
Sea Landing Pick Up!  Tour Guides & Wine Tours.
Santa Barbara 
Harbor Sea Landing    
For Open Booking Single Person Tours  Starting Anytime  
After  10:30 am 
We Can Do A Short Tour of 
Metro Santa Barbara, 
and Then We Head Up Into Our Remarkable Wine Country Riding Up From 
Santa Barbara, 
Then After Visiting One or Two Wineries 
We Stop and Have a Nice Lunch 
In The Santa Ynez Valley or Stoping in Los Olivos, or Solvang, where we can grab some Sandwiches, and then take them to Enjoy at a Winery for the price of a Wine Tasting of the Wineries Wines. We try to do Two (2) Wineries Before Stopping For Lunch, and then maybe One or Two (2) more Wineries in the afternoon to keep it Civilized during your 
Five (5) hour tourIt's always your choice, 
but if your having fun, and want more time while out on the wine trail,  you can always add more hours so you can visit and experience 
Few More Wineries! 
It's Fun And Very Affordable 
I Promise!  
Pay $49.00 Minimum, 
"Per Person, 
($98,00 Per Couple
For A Group Tour Only 
"Wine Country Tour Guide"  
Riding Six (6Minimum (@ $294.00 Minimum) Ride Per Group, @ $49.00 per each Rider, Riding Any Day Of the Week, Riding for Five (5) or Six (6) Only Flexible Hours, With Extra Hours Always Available,@ $49.00 Per Hour, per group For Each Extra Overtime Hour Past 5:30 PM, Then Returning To Your Ships Tender, ASanta Barbara's Harbor Sea Landing, For Boarding Ships Tenders For Your Ride Back To Your Ship. 
Separate Hotel or Residential Pick Ups 
And Drop Offs Can Also Be Arranged
To Book
Just Book  
Here To Guarantee Your Booking 
Using This Open
Advance Half Your Couples Booking, To Guarantee Your Booking And Then
Pay another $49.00 to Your Driver The Day of Your Individual Couples Group Tour
Please Considered a 20% Overall Gratuity for 
Services Rendered, and for Your Drivers Out of Pocket Gasoline used To Conduct Your Tour By Your Fun Affordable
"Wine Country Tour Guide!"
 Sea Landing Departures Start No Later Then 10:30 AM, Allowing For a Fun Affordable Civilized Day of Remarkable Wine Tasting of The Santa Ynez Valley's Wine Country Wineries. 
If you Have Questions then Just Send Me an Email Here Using This Email Address 
Or Just Text Or Call My Cell Phone @ 
+1 (805) 403-5912
Telling Me Your Wanting A Booking For A  
PLAN # TWO (2)
For A Group Wine Country 
"Cruise Ship Wine Tour Guide!"
Got Questions? 
Please, Just Call or Text Me 
+ 1 (805)-403-5912 
Just a nice old guy in a nice clean luxury Lincoln Town Car.
I'll Do My Best To Answer Anything 
That's On Your Mind! You Can Also Review The Information Page Of This Website for Tasting Room Fee's, and 
Lunch Options in Los Olivos. 
Thanks Again For Your Inquiry, and Interest! 
Why Not Book Today? 
"With me there's No Cops, No Judges, No Worries, And No Iron Bar Hotels, and I'm really nicer and much cheaper than the 
Judge, and his Sheriff's, and CHP'S! 
To Compete With 
Here's My Very Special 
Budget Minded
Sundays & Weekdays Only 
Plan # Three (3) 
Couples Wine Tour Special 
Riding Two (2) Only In A  
Honda Civic Sedan, 
Riding @ $179.00 For 
The First (1st) Three (3) Hours Minimum. 
Book $49.00  Here To Guarantee Your  
Honda Civic Sedan Car Service 
Credit/Debit/Card Processing.
After Three (3) Hours of Wine Touring, 
Pay Your Driver $130,00 or Continue Your Tour At Your Leisure, Adding for any Extra Hours Past Three (3) Hours @ $49.00 per hour. At the End of Your Day, Please Considered a  20% Overall Gratuity For Services Rendered By Your Fun Affordable 
"Wine Country Cabby!"
Also Please Consider For Out of Pocket Gasoline Used By Your Driver 
To Conduct Your Tour. 
This Package is For 
Sundays & Weekdays Only!

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