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Private Town Car Wine Tours and Airport Rides

Here's Wine Tour Information, 
About My Services: 

People Are Talking About My Fun, Informed, 
"Wine Country Cabbies,
And Tour Guides!" 
who are independent contract drivers who won't be wearing a suit, tie, starched collar, and shined shoes, in the country like the "Excursion Guys," do, and even though we know where all the wineries are, we don't profess to be wine experts, so we're not true experts on wine either. What I do know is that there is no bad wine. It all depends on your palette. I asked a "Wisconsin Cheese Maker," once, what's the best cheese? He said; "the kind you like of coarse."
I think the same holds true with wine.
It's "The Kind You Like," and many wine tasting imbibers have found what they like right here in Santa Barbara County, with over 250 plus wine makers offering delicious wines that The whole world is talking about! 
Aren't you glad we're driving you safely through wine country .
I'm Also Your Human GPS!
so you can keep your head out of your map when riding with any of my associates. Ask us anything about the area. Most of My drivers have lived and worked in Santa Barbara their whole life. I do tours for well under @ third (1/3) the price of what a Tour Non / Private Excursion Co does, while offering you Private valued comfort, and I'm still priced well under a restricted options, excursion tour, but with me you're Not Riding With Strangers you don't know, and you'll be, Going PRIVATELY 
to Wineries you Want to Go To! 
My Tours Are Entirely  
You can pay the excursion guys all at once for your ride offered with a 
"Soggy Box Lunch" 
included getting 
Limited Wine Tastings 
with prearranged wineries, or you can 
visiting the wineries of your choice, RIDING at your own pace safely tasting wines you want to 
taste, while riding with me, or my 
"Wine Country Cabbies
Tour Guides!"   
I'm allowing you to make all the choices, plus your riding in the intimate luxurious comfort of a Sedan, a Mini-Van Taxi, a Comfortable Eight (8) Passenger SUV, or Ten (10) Passenger Maxi-Van, and you'll not be bouncing around in a open jeep when riding up from Santa Barbara and back. That's what I call roughing it for lots, of money! 
Instead, I'm offering you Valued Comfort, at well under the "Jeep Guys" Single Person Price and you won't be exposed to the wind and the weather like 
you are on a high priced 
"War Hummer Excursion!"
I let you choose your Wineries,
and how you enjoy your lunch, or you can let me or one of my drivers help you decide. 
We offer very comfortable 
leisurely  Ala Carte  safe rides through out 
Santa Barbara County.
I Know It's Your Day! 
Ask Me About Four (4) Pack Sedan 
Car Service, Mini-Van Service for Six (6) or Maxi Van Service 
Riding Twelve (12) Maximum.
My real purpose, 
is to simply get you out to the wineries, and back safely, and keep you away from the 
CHP, and our very capable Santa Barbara 
County Sheriffs, especially when government 
is always looking for more revenue.
As to Your
Wine Imbibers Lunch!

Pampered earth flyer
There's No Soggy Box Lunches With Me! 
Remember there's never a Free Lunch!
My Services Are  Ala Carte, 
Please don't fall for Fancy Misleading Websites, who offer food and free Wine Tastings to satisfy your day. 
It kinda reminds me of the old cheese in 
the old mouse trap trick!
Dinner Rides Santa Barbara
"What a Scheme!"
I Say, Let the restaurants do what they do best, and, I'll take you out to the wineries 
to taste and enjoy wine you want to tast.
Food is the Hook
Dinner Rides Santa Barbara
That Allows Corporate Tour Operators 
to justify their price, and they use food to get you to spend more money with them.
Pay the other guys all at once for everything
riding with strangers, or you can leisurely 
pay as you go,  Ala Carte  with me and get what you want on your own time
There's No Gimmicks,
Dinner Rides Santa Barbaraor 
"Fancy Dancing Here"
Just great low budget prices, and lots of Flexible Leisurely Fun done 
for you, and your friends! 
You Add the Fun, and entertain yourselves, and We'll drive, and keep everybody safe from themselves, 
while letting our 
Santa Barbara Wine make you all happy!

Wonderful Sit Down Lunch
Ala Carte 
Lunch Options. 
Are Available For $15.00 to $20.00, 
Where You can Have a Nice Sit Down Lunch.  
The sandwich shops are even less. 
"The Corner Grocery" 
on the weekends in the town of  Los Olivos has the best "Tri-Tip" fresh made deli sandwiches around, as well as a great selection of goodies, for snacking. If you want we can find a nice winery to take your sandwich and goodies to, and the winemakers  will let you have lunch at their vineyard winery for only the cost of a wine tasting, or bottle of wine to 
be enjoyed by you and your friends 
while having your Fresh Made 
Deli Sandwich For Lunch! 
Call For Your 
Wine Country Cabby Today!
There's No Schedules With Me! You Pick When & Where You Want Your Lunch! 
Liesurely Enjoy Your Day
Winery Tasting Fees Are From.
$5.00 to $10.00
per person, to taste wine, with the wineries 
offering from three (3) to five (5) flights of wine. The good news is that
Two (2) Can Always Share For The Price Of One (1) Tasting!
Gainey, and Firestone
Offer Barrel Room Wine Tastings 
With a Glass included at a cost of
$20.00 per person per barrel room tasting tour. Also About Wine Tasting Fees 
Swirl, sniff, and slurp in wine country.
You taste what you want to 
Taste when you ride with me, 
not what's included in what the restricted Excursion Co's tour package offer's. When riding with me you get the full benefit of what the winery your visiting has to offer! After all isn't that why your visiting their winery? 
Don't you want to Safely Taste All the wines the winemakers have to offer? 
When paying for a one (1) only wine tasting. 
If you buy three (3) or more bottles of wine. 
Most wineries, (If you askwill rebate your tasting cost off the, Wine Purchase Price, Plus too, They'll Give You An On the spot tasting break plus a wine purchase discount 
if you become a Bottle Club Member. 
(But You Have To Ask for the break)
For Reservations 

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